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Panchayati Raj Law In Jammu And Kashmir
Edition 2017
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Civil Service Regulations, 1956 (Volume 1 & 2)
Edition 2017 (7th Edition)
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JAY KAY Infotech
Author H.L. Chowdhari, Adv.
Price 27778.00
Edition 2013 (2nd Ed.)
Pages More Than 24400 Pages

The first edition of Manual of Jammu & Kashmir Laws was published in the year 2004. It was well received and appreciated by the legal profession; since besides updating the laws incorporating all amendments till date of publication, Statutory Rules framed under each enactment were appended to the text of the relevant enactment. The task of the legal practitioner was thus made easy in locating entire law on the subject. Now I am happy to present the Second edition of the Manual. In all humility I may say that I have tried to make this Second edition of the Manual more methodical and systematic. Besides updating it with up- to-date amendments till 31.7.2013, another feature of this edition is that each enactment contains the Statement of Objects and Reasons as also Synopsis of each section of the enactment with case law of Supreme Court and High Court of Jammu and Kashmir along with Notification, Circulars, Orders, etc. I hope that this second edition with its new features will be welcomed by the legal fraternity.
Laws promulgated by the Legislative authority and Rules made under the various enactments, were being published in the Government Gazette, an obligation under the law. Government Gazette is published on weekly basis. There was no agency other than the Law Department as a repository of the State enactments. The legal practitioners and the Courts were thus dependant on the weekly publication and the amendments made from to time as published in the Gazette, were being pasted at the relevant sections wherein such amendments were made. Realizing the difficulties of the bench and bar, Government under pressure from these quarters, started a separate section for consolidation and publication of the laws with amendments. The first edition of the Laws was published in the year 1941 and the fifth edition came out in the year 2009 as a result of judicial pressure by the High Court. A new enterprise, JAY KAY LAW REPORTER Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in the year 2002 started reporting State High Court judgments, on quarterly basis. Alongside another publication “Statutes” containing amendments in enactments, Notifications and Orders etc. issued from time to time, was also started. Simultaneously it took up the task of publishing of a Manual of the State Laws with up-to-date amendments till 31st July, 2013. Further making the task of the legal profession much easier, in this Manual each Act was accompanied by statutory rules made under the Act. The First volume of JK Laws came out in January, 2004 which received much appreciation from the legal practitioners specially besides other users. Now after nine years, we are happy in placing before the legal fraternity specially, and all others entrusted with duty of administering laws, the second edition of JK LAWS. This edition is a great improve- ment on the previous one in so far as, apart from incorporating up-to-date amendments till 31st July, 2013, Statement of Objects and Reasons of enactments as available from the old records since 1888 with State Government [Official documents received in terms of Orders issued by Govt. Departments for providing records which are reproduced in Volume 33], synopsis with case law of Supreme Court and High Court of Jammu and Kashmir alongwith Notifications, Orders, Circulars, etc. have also been incorporated. This will make the task of the legal practitioners and all other Government departments and instrumentalities of the State in locating the legal precedents of the State High Court on a particular subject. The present work is more scientific and systematic and we have tried to make the task of legal practitioners and all others, thus making task of legal practitioner easier in locating the law and save his precious time in this behalf. We are highly thankful to Hon’ble Chief Justice Shri M.M. Kumar who despite heavy engagement, gave precious time in looking thoroughly our first 2 volumes and encouraged our organisation by writing Foreword for JK Laws. We are also thankful to Mr. H.L. Chowdhari, Advocate, for editing this second edition of JK Laws and guiding us to provide exhaustive case laws with appropriate synopsis, Statement of Objects and Reasons, List of Amending Acts and SROs, Notifications, Orders, Circulars arranged chronogically making easy to locate the law. We are also thankful to Hon’ble Justice Mr. O.P. Sharma (Retd.) and Mr. Sanjay Arora, Advocate, Delhi High Court for their valuable suggestions in preparation of this voluminous task in unconventional style and format. We are also thankful to Editorial Board of JK Judgments. We extend our gratitude to State Government, High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, Finance Department, General Administration Department, Law Department, Archives, Forest Department, Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly, Industries and Commerce Department, Power Development Department for their valuable documentary support. Some statutes though may have been repealed, are reproduced for pending reference. In case of any doubt regarding statutes, please refer to concerned department/govt. gazette. This work has not been completed without the painstaking efforts of my daughter Er. Miss Suniya Gupta, B.E. (I.T.) and my son Mr. Kanav Gupta pursuing Law from Jammu University. We highly appreciate invaluable support of my wife Mrs. Jyoti Gupta, and younger son Mr. Kashyap Gupta and all staff members of Jay Kay Law Reporter Pvt. Ltd. We hope that this edition will be welcomed. We shall be happy to receive suggestions from readers for incorporation in forthcoming editions.
[Managing Director]

1. Set of 33 Deluxe Bound Volumes In Two Boxes
2. Authentic & Updated Till July 2013.
3. High Quality Cloth Binding with Paper Sunshine
4. Super Printing (H.B.) 70 Gsm. & Jacket Cover.
5. More Than 24400 Pages.
6. Covering Over 720 Acts, Rules, Regulations etc.
7. Chronologically Covering Over 4300 Notifications, Circulars Etc.
8. Alphabetical Synopsis Covering Over 9100 Cases.
9. Hon’ble Chief Justice Sh. M.M. Kumar, High Court of J&K, while giving Foreword found this revised edition very useful in general, for those having an interest to know the local laws of J&K and in particular for the members of the members of the legal Fraternity.
10. The present work is more methodical and systematic.
11. Complete Coverage of Judgments of High Court, Supreme Court Judgment Arising Out of J&K High Court, J&K State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, J&K Special Tribunal & J&K Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal 1922 to 2013
With the blessings of “Hazur Maharaj Divine Satguru Sant Rasila Ram Ji in the presence of Satguru Sant Subhash Chander Singh Ji Maharaj of Dera Baba Teja Singh Ji of Saidpur (Pb.)”
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